Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mum talks to drug users in squat

A HENBURY mum, whose son died after becoming addicted to ketamine, has been helping to educate users of the drug.

Shielmor Twomey, pictured, started a campaign, called Ketamine Awareness – Caleb's Campaign, after her son Caleb Morris, dived from Clifton Suspension Bridge and died while under the influence of the horse tranquilliser.

Since his death, two years ago, on January 28, Ms Twomey has fought for the drug to be upgraded from class C to class B. She has spoken to youngsters in schools and colleges in the city.

Now, after visiting a squat and speaking to 100 drug users, she is more determined than ever to expose the risks of the drug.

She said: "According to the British Crime Survey, ketamine use has doubled over the last four years.

"Cocaine and heroin use has dropped, quite significantly. We believe this decline in the numbers is down to people going to their dealer to buy these class A drugs only to find the dealer no longer sells them, offering them little choice but to buy ketamine or go away empty handed.

"Some dealers can no longer afford to supply either cocaine or heroin due to it's cost. Ketamine is a low-cost drug selling at £10-12 and even £6 per pack or gram if bought in bulk. I asked 100 users – why ketamine? The answer was that it's cheap and very easy to get hold of."

Ms Twomey said there was now a patch, similar to a nicotine patch, which could help users of the drug.

She said: "This in itself is excellent progress to prevent the user from self administering higher doses of ketamine. However, I have been informed by Bristol Drugs Project these patches are expensive and can not be supplied them to everyone on their records."

Mum talks to drug users in squat

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