Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Museum used for Black Hawk re-enactment

FILM crews took over Weston-super-Mare's Helicopter Museum to film a new episode of hit American TV show, Seconds from Disaster'

The episode entitled Black Hawk Down recreated the near disastrous American military mission into Somalia on October 3, 1993 which was made famous by director Ridley Scott's movie of the same name.

Sections of the museum's hangar were transformed by a set design team to recreate the Marine's barracks and Ops Centre, and a look-a-like helicopter from the museum's collection was modified to resemble the Black Hawk before being moved onto the museum's helipad ready for the 15-hour shoot.

Museum volunteer, Rod Holloway, acted as the aviation technical advisor for the filming.

He said: "I had to instruct the actors playing the flight crew about preparing the aircraft for take off, the in flight controls and emergency crash landing procedures.

"The scenes had to look extremely realistic and as accurate as possible.

"A giant green screen was erected behind the helicopter and a wind machine blasted the poor actors in the back with sand to make it appear as though they were actually landing in Mogadishu."

Seconds from Disaster is an American documentary series that investigates man-made and natural disasters. The Helicopter Museum is a registered charity and houses the world's largest collection of helicopters.

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