Tuesday, February 14, 2012

South Glos Labour claim history "re-write" over Core strategy council vote in December

South Glos Labour councillors for Filton have released a statement
claiming that critics have attempted to "re-write" the events of the
December South Glos council meeting. The statement released by Ian
Scott, Adam Monk and Roger Hutchinson, confirms Labour councillors
proposed and voted for the safeguarding of Filton airfield, however the
minutes from the meeting published today on the South Glos website
confirms all Labour councillors abstained from the actual core vote.

Making the statement councillors Roger Hutchinson, Ian Scott and Adam Monk, say that "Whilst we opposed key elements of the core strategy, it must progress to the next stage". All three Filton councillors joined their party colleagues and abstained from voting on the core strategy vote, allowing it to go through.

Local Labour supporters have expressed concerns that contradictory statements have added to the upset and confusion over the threat to closure of the airfield.

Only last week Ian Scott and Adam Monk were ousted from the positions of chair and secretary of their local branch and were replaced by Filton Town Councillors Brian Mead and Roger Hutchinson. Mr Hutchinson opposed the building of a commercial airport at Filton in 2008, however now supports the campaign to save Filton airfield.

On the facebook South Glos page a statement has been made saying the minutes from the meeting "Rather shows up those who have attempted to re-write history". No comment is made regarding the vote abstention.

A march has been orgainised for the 18th February in an attempt to protest over the closure of Filton airfield

South Glos Labour claim history

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