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ABC Shark Tank?s Daymond John and Kevin O?Leary on social TV

Posted by on March 16, 2012

Every entrepreneur should be watching an amazing reality show now in its third season. ABC?s Shark Tank, produced by Mark Burnett Productions is like watching NBC?s The Voice (also produced by Burnett) but instead of a singing competition it?s a startup competition with real-time negotiations over equity and investments.

The startup community is finally embracing this show in full force (see James Altucher?s�guest post on TechCrunch about the show). The show?s ?Sharks? are each well-known millionaires and billionaires turned reality stars who are hoping to take on American Idol and others as America?s best reality TV platform. Lost Remote was invited to interview Daymond John (Fubu?s millionaire founder) and Kevin O?Leary (who sold his company in the dot-com days to Mattel for over a billion).

O?Leary who was as direct and confident as he is on the show, discussed his vision for Shark Tank and the show?s growth this season. ?Shark Tank is a platform?we can trend nationally and increase sales by 30-40%,? for a company that just appears on the show, he told Lost Remote. ?Each episode we increase our viewers by 16-20%?television is the core and we repurpose content on social media,? he added.

John described when he first noticed social helping to grow the show. ?After the first season, we started to see the numbers pop?this season has been a runaway,? he explained. Both John and O?Leary are live-tweeting each episode bringing to life content that they filmed months ago.

We asked the Sharks where they see the show going. ?The goal is to increase my portfolio and to change their lives, it?s a win-win,? John explained. O?Leary bluntly answered, ?It?s about the money, I want to make money not friends.? He then added, ?We?ll have a bigger audience than American Idol within two years.?

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