Sunday, March 4, 2012

MTV debuts ?Under the Thumb? app with co-viewing features

Posted by on February 29, 2012

MTV has launched a new social TV app in Europe that targets the ?always on? generation with hundreds of hours MTV content. But besides your standard video mobile experience, the Under the Thumb app has two unique co-viewing features.

The first is a remote control that allows users to play full-screen MTV video via a web browser on their computers, tablets and connected TV sets. (Sound familiar? Here?s our story on Clik from a couple weeks ago.) ?Computers are great, but trying to watch stuff on them sucks,? MTV explains in a promo about the app. ?The Under The Thumb remote solves these problems by letting you access MTV on your computer, hacker style, via the mobile app.?

The app also lets users watch a video in sync with some of their friends (on the app.) This co-viewing experience is wired up with Facebook chat, so the ?shared experience? is shared across multiple locations in an on-demand video environment. Pretty cool for the MTV kids.

On the monetization front, Under the Thumb comes in three, well, ?thumbs.? The free version, called ?Tiny Thumb,? only provides one MTV episode per season. The paid service ?Super Thumb? offers full shows, and ?Ultra Thumb? (only available when you sign up for a MTV mobile contract in Europe) serves up exclusive sneak previews, as well.

The app has launched on iOS and Android in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland. No word on expansion plans.

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